DINOS: The Beginning

The first DINOS post: My Dog is Friendly: A Public Service Announcement

What do DINOS want? Here are our (polite) demands!

You know you’re living with DINOS when…

You might be a MDIF if…

Not all DINOS are reactive, but check out this Reactive Dog infographic to better understand those that are!


Safe, Happy Dog Walks

Retractable Leashes: Handy Tool or Fifteen Feet of Doom?

Need help fending off loose dogs? Don’t miss this how-to post for staying safe on the streets!

A list of awesome high value rewards to motivate your DINOS

5 Ways a carabiner could save your dog’s life!

Joggers and Bikers: How to score a dog bite

At Home and at the Vet

Invisible Fences: No one likes walking past ’em.

Peace in the Yard: How to Fix Your Fence (and Front Door) to Help Your Dogs

Helping your dog at the Vet’s Office, including introducing your dog to a muzzle

Exercise and Fun

Dog Walking Social Groups

Meet the most amazing dog toy ever: the Flirt Pole

Exercise your dogs without leaving the house. Perfect for rainy days or when you need a break from walking your dog in public.

Why it’s ok to Treat Yo’ Self! and skip the dog walk some days.

Meet Nose Works. It’s a sport your dog can’t fail at (even if they’re really naughty!)

How we can support our dogs beyond the daily walk

The Message: Responsible, Respectful, Safe

Be Responsible, Respectful, Safe: Ask First!

An off leash dog ruined my life: a service dog’s story

Be Polite. It could save an eplieptic dog’s life.

The Vet’s Office: waiting room or dog park?

Here’s what you need to know if you’re spreading the DINOS message: Find out how to deliver the message so people will listen!

Talking with the Experts

Living with a Reactive Dog: Interview with Dog Trainer Sara Reusche

Be Responsible and Know Your Legal Rights: Interview with Attorney Heidi Meinzer

The Secret Life of Dog Catchers: Interview with Animal Control Officer Shirley Zindler

Understanding Compassion Fatigue (if you live or work with dogs who have significant medical or behavioral issues, this might apply to you): Interview with Patricia Smith founder of the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

Thoughts on Dogs and Animal Welfare

Stop Caring What Others Think. Standing up for your dogs is non-negotiable.

How I failed as a rescuer: lessons from a sanctuary

It’s not how a dog was raised that matters the most, it’s how you manage them in the present that really counts

A DINOS in foster care: an adoption story

Celebrating life with a not-so-perfect dog: Happy Boogie Day!

Why we love our DINOS – a collection of Love Letters

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