jess2DINOS™: Dogs in Need of Space was created by Jessica Dolce. The term DINOS was coined in this 2011 blog post that went viral: My Dog is Friendly PSA!

Jessica is an animal welfare advocate, coach, writer and speaker, who has worked in animal shelters, a holistic pet store, for a raw dog food company, and with dog trainers. Jessica is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator via The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. You can find more of her Compassion Fatigue work here.

Through it all, she’s always been a dog walker. For many years, she wrote about her dog-filled life at: Notes from a Dog Walker.

Call her crazy, but she’s on a mission to educate the public about being respectful of each other’s space and to let folks know that they’re not alone if they live with DINOS.

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courtesy of Mitra Farmand
courtesy of Mitra Farmand

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