Below you’ll find a list of activities and enrichment ideas recommended by Team DINOS on Facebook. This list reflects the activities and enrichment that have been helpful for their individual DINOS. Every dog is different and there are many types of DINOS, so please keep in mind that what works for one DINOS family, may not work for another. But this list is a full of fun ideas to get you rolling!

If you’ve had success with an activity or toy please let me know:

Please note that being included in this list is not an endorsement by DINOS™  or this website.


Dog Walking Social Groups:  These structured group walks can be an awesome way to safely socialize with other dogs and their families! See the link for a group in your area and tips for starting your own group.

Nose Work for Dogs: also called scent work, this fun activity channels your dog’s natural curiosity and interest in using his nose. This is a terrific activity for reactive or fearful dogs as it can be done one dog at a time and requires no training. An excellent confidence booster.

Agility: a fun, mental and physical exercise for dogs that builds teamwork, skills, and confidence. From home-made courses in your own yard to competition trials, agility can be adapted for just about any dog. Try building your own course!

Dock Diving: is a dog sport in which dogs compete in jumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water. Dogs jump one at a time and do not need to interact with one another in order to participate.

Lure Coursing: if your dog loves to chase things, channel it into this fun sport where dogs chase a fast moving lure. Depending on the course and the club, sometimes dogs race with other dogs, but they can also race alone.

Weight Pull: dogs compete to see who can pull the most weight. Dogs of all sizes can participate. It’s a fun sport that can be done without interacting with other dogs.

Disc Dog: play frisbee with your dog or get into more high flying freestyle routines. This is another sport that can be done without interacting with other dogs.

Flirt Pole: a fun toy (think giant cat toy) to play with at home.

Puzzles: keep your dogs active mentally with a variety of interactive toys. Help them burn off energy by working their brains!

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