Looking for ways to spread the word about DINOS and responsible dog ownership in your community? Handouts are here! Please feel free to print and share these handouts with your community, at your shelter, in training classes, at your vet’s office, or any place you think these handouts will help educate the public.

Please note, these pdfs are NOT available for commercial use. For commercial use, please contact for permission.

Per your requests: the PDF versions of Stand Up For Your Dogs and  It’s Not How They’re Raised


 DINOS PSA poster

Ask First Posters

Available in English, Spanish, and other languages!

See this page for more info.


Leash Infographic Final


Should I Leash My Dog?

It’s a fun flowchart for anyone who has ever asked themselves: Is it OK to let my dog off leash? Created by the fab Jenny Williams! You can score translations of this flowchart on her site ShouldILeashMyDog.com




Dog Walking Tips From DINOS

Distribute and display this handy brochure to help educate the public about why dogs need space. It’s filled with dog walking etiquette tips that everyone needs to read!






My Dog is Friendly!: The Original, My Dog is Friendly PSA

Dutch Translation My Dog Is Friendly: thanks to translator Karin van Deursen!

German Translation My Dog Is Friendly: thanks to translator Cora Hartwig!


ask first capture


Ask First!

How to be Responsible, Respectful, and Stay Safe, with an introduction to DINOS.

The Ask First! Poster can be found here.


capture flexi



Retractable Leash Etiquette

Do’s and Dont’s for using a retractable lead


Capture 2


A Message from DINOS

A friendly message from DINOS with 8 guidelines for polite leash manners





Banfield Pet Hospital Handout

The largest privately owned veterinary practice in the U.S. has added a DINOS handout to their education section (with our permission). It has excellent tips for leash etiquette  Follow the link to download and print. Thanks Banfield!



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