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Below you’ll find a list of specialized classes that focus on helping dogs that are reactive, fearful, etc.  Many of the classes listed here were recommended by Team DINOS , while others are listed here due to a request from a trainer who offers this type of class.

Please keep in mind that every dog is an individual and there are many types of DINOS, so what works for one DINOS family, may not work for another. Almost all of these training centers offer private lessons, so if the classes aren’t the right fit for your dogs, please consider an individual consultation.  There are also many, many excellent trainers who do not offer classes. However at this time, only group classes are being listed here.

This list is only intended to be a starting place to help families connect to the various resources that may be available to them in their communities. For more information on choosing a trainer who works with reactive dogs, please see this interview.

Finally, there are quite a few classes listed that are for pit bulls only. These classes exist, not because pit bulls are different from other DINOS, but because pit bull guardians are working extra hard to change public perceptions of our dogs (that’s my little man in the photo!). Many pit bull organizations now offer free or low-cost training classes for that reason.

This list is always expanding, so be sure to check back and if you’d like to recommend a class or trainer please let me know:

Please note: Being included in this list is not an endorsement by DINOS™ or this website.


The Centre for Canine Education 

Outbound Hounds 

Grisha Stewart

Your End of the Lead by Janet Finlay of Canine Confidence

S.A.N.E. Solutions for Challenging Dog Behavior from Kathy Cascade

Your Dog’s Friend


CA Berkeley: BAD RAP Pit Ed Classes (pit bulls only in classes, great training info on website for all dogs)

CA Fresno: Instinct Professional Dog Training offers Reactive Dog classes and Treadmill lessons

CA Sacramento: Chako Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy offers Reactive Dog classes (pit bulls only)

CA San Francisco: The SF SPCA offers Reactive Rover classes

CA San Mateo: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA offers Shy Dogs and Bark & Lunge classes

CA San Jose: Marthina McClay, Our Pack offers Pit Bull Training Classes (all dog breeds welcome)

CA Santa Cruz County: Living with Dogs offers Reactive Rover classes

CO Boulder: The Humane Society of Boulder Valley offers a Grumpy Growlers class

CO Denver: Kari Bastyr, Wag and Train offers Reactive Rover class

DC Washington: Spot On Training offers Bully Breed Manners and Reactive Dog classes

DC Washington: Humane Rescue Alliance offers Reactive Dog Class I, II, and III

FL Naples: Train Positive offers The Reactive Dog and VIP Pit Bull classes

MA Boston area: Vera Wilkinson, The Cooperative Dog, offers Rowdy Rover classes

MA Sharon: Maplewood Dog Training offers Stop. Think. Change class for fearful, reactive, or aggressive dogs

MA Stockbridge: Angela Meglio at Camp Wagalot specialize in dogs with reactivity, stress and anxiety.

MD Rockville: Your Dog’s Friend offers Reactive Dog Class

ME North Yarmouth: Tree Frog Farm offers Confident Canine for shy dogs

MN Golden Valley: Animal Humane Society offers Reactive Rover classes (multiple locations)

MO Blue Springs: Dog Obedience Group offers Fearful Fido class for dogs afraid of dogs and/or people

NC Cary: All Dogs Allowed offers reactive dog classes (contact for details)

NJ North: Fernando Camacho, FernDog, offers Dogs on Location class

NY Brewerton: CNY Pet Training offers Beast on a Leash classes

NY Kingston (and Amenia): Hot Fuzz Dog Training offers Reactive Rover classes

PA Carlisle: Fieldwood Training Center offers a Reactive Dog Class

PA Pittsburg: My Aunt Penny offers classes for Reactive and Fearful/Shy classes.

OH Bedford Heights: Carol Peter, Cold Nose Companions Dog Training offers a class called Chill!

OH Cincinnati: Training Tracks offers Growly Dog classes

OR Portland: Synergy Behavior Services offers Reactive Rover classes

SC Charleston: Lori Willimont Duncan ‎+ Cindy Carter of Mindful Manners offer classes for reactive dogs

TX Austin: Canine Center for Training and Behavior offers Confidence Building for Fearful and Reactive Dogs

TX Houston Dr. Lore Haug offers a Reactive Dog class

WA Seattle: Ahimsa Dog Training offers Growly Dog and Troubled Teen classes

WI Mukwonago: For Pet’s Sake offers Shy Dog classes


Black Creek, British Columbia: Jane Neve at Canine Conduct offers Growl classes

Nelson, British Columbia: Jeanne Shaw at Love 2 Play offers Reactive Dog classes

Mount Albert, ON: Good as Gold offers Reactive dog classes


Banstead, Surrey, UK: Dog socialization groups offered

Cardiff, South Wales, UK: Cardiff Canine Citizens offers Prickly Pooches classes


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