What is a DINOS?

DINOS™ are Dogs in Need of Space

The term DINOS is intended to help the public understand that ALL dogs have a need for and a right to their personal space. Some dogs may have a stronger need for space than others.

Dogs might be DINOS for a variety of reasons, such as:

Medical: illness, injury, surgery, or rehab

Occupation: Service and Working Dogs

Training: learning polite leash manners

Age: issues such as arthritis, vestibular disease, or blindness

Behavioral: fear, anxiety, reactivity, intolerance of other animals

DINOS are GOOD dogs, they just need space!
At one time or another, every dog will need space. DINOS is a term that serves as a reminder that not all dogs are comfortable or able to interact with unfamiliar dogs or people. That’s perfectly normal.

DINOS encourages all dog owners to be responsible and respectful towards others. Never assume it’s ok to approach an unfamiliar dog without asking permission first. It’s our right as dog owners to say “no” if we feel an interaction is not in the best interests of our dogs. Please be respectful of our right to decline. It’s nothing personal – it’s just about space!

Photo by Photo Lab Pet Photography

The best way to approach any unfamiliar dog is by following these easy steps:

  1. Obey Leash Laws and Have Your Dog Under Control  (even if your dog is friendly!)
  2. Always Ask Permission Before Approaching an Unfamiliar Dog
  3. Wait for a Response
  4. Allow Dogs Enough Space to Pass

By having your dogs under control and asking permission first, you’ll be responsible, respectful, and safe!

Together we can create safe, compassionate communities for people and their pets to enjoy. Responsible dog owners do not leave dogs unattended, allow them to roam loose (unless they are at a designated off leash area), and they abide by leash laws in order to properly manage their dogs while out in public. Responsible dog ownership allows everyone, including children and senior citizens, to have safe, equal access to public spaces.

Still not sure why leash laws matter? Meet Murphy the Service Dog and find out why he needs you to obey leash laws.

For more about DINOS, please see the Articles collection.

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