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Below you’ll find a list of gear and tools recommended by Team DINOS on Facebook and found around the web. These resources have been helpful for some  DINOS.  Remember: Every dog is an individual and there are many types of DINOS, so keep in mind that what works for one DINOS family, may not work for another. But we think this list is a great place to start!

If you’d like to recommend an item please let me know:

Please note that being included in this list is not an endorsement by DINOS™  or this website. The products below are listed because I think you’ll like them. 



Friendly Dog Collars: collars, harnesses, and leashes with bold messages like: Caution and No Dogs (shown right).

Give Me Space leash sleeves and bandannas suitable for all dogs, as well as specialty items for blind or deaf dogs. An Australian company.

I Need Space Badges: a variety of distinct message badges for your leash, custom designs available too, from Bold Lead Designs

dog in training vest cricket mara

Dog in Training Vest: from Cricket Mara of the Pawsitive Dog. Available in three different colors (shown at right). Please contact her directly for sizing info. She also offers crate panels.

Design Your Own Dog Vest: you choose the text, patches, and colors!

Please Give Me Space dogs vests from Give a Dog a Home. Available in range of sizes, including XXS.

Message Vests and Bandanas  from Prancing Dog in the UK – custom and standard messages such as “I’m Blind” and “I Need Some Space” are available

Yellow Ribbons: There are many international groups promoting the use of yellow ribbons on a leash as a visual signal that their dogs need space. (please note: Dogs in Need of Space/DINOS™ is not affiliated with the yellow dog campaigns)


Muffin’s Halo: like a “white cane for dogs”, this device is designed to assist spray shield direct stopblind dogs in feeling things in front of them. Might be useful for blind dogs who needs space, as it provides a slight buffer zone around their face.

Spray Shield aka Direct Stop: An excellent and legal tool, that won’t harm you or your dogs, but can assist in stopping unwanted advances by other dogs.


Baskerville Ultra Muzzles: comfy and roomy. Oh la la!

Italian Basket Muzzles: flexible, with leather straps and a removable front grill for more access. Dogs can pant, bark, and drink water while wearing. (seen at left)

For more on how the cool kids do muzzles, please visit the Muzzle Up! Project.

courtesy of Cartoon Stock
purchased via Cartoon Stock

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